May 26, 2020

Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Bird

Birds are early risers. While you may rejoice that you have a friend who wakes up as early as you do, it’s important to know that your new pet is basically an alarm clock that can’t be ignored. Your bird may wake early in the morning or even in the middle of the night, and this is something that you and your bird will have to work on together: establishing a good nightly routine that works for both of you. Remember, this stage can take several months and requires a lot of patience (and maybe sleepless nights) while your bird acclimates to their new home. 

Birds are noisy. Some birds fill the house with gentle song, and other birds are a little less…traditional. Depending on the species, birds can sing, talk, squawk and warble, and the level of noise you (and your neighbors) can handle definitely is a determining factor in the type of bird that’s right for you. In general, larger parrots are the noisiest, and smaller budgies and lovebirds are the least loud–but that’s not to say little birds can’t pack a punch. 

Birds need specialty care.An avian veterinarian is an essential part of a pet bird’s life. In general, we recommend a full diagnostic examination upon the acquisition of your bird, and annual checkups for the remainder of your bird’s life. If you need to establish a relationship with a specialist for your bird, MyBird offers a locator toolthat can locate avian vets near you, just click on the dropdown to select Avian Veterinary Care. 

Birds are expensive. Some pets are more expensive than others. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, owners spend an average of $1,212 to acquire a macaw. Relatively, getting a cockatiel clocks in right around $114, which presents to you a spectrum of how much you’ll be spending. Birds will also need a nutritious diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and whatever else is directed by your trusted veterinarian. Additionally, your bird needs a large place to live, toys, vet visits, and other supplies (that can add up). 

Birds are amazing pets.Pet bird owners can attest: these pets are some of the most wonderful creatures on Earth! Each and every bird has a unique personality, and some birds can live well into their seventies (now that’s a forever friend)! Birds teach us so much about ourselves and can change our lives forever with their outlandish qualities, all points for making them some of the most rewarding pets humans can have.

Birds require research. Is a pet bird right for you? We can help you start! Take the quizto find out what bird is right for you! 

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