August 9, 2022

The Best Things About Fostering a Pet

Looking to help your community and a pet in need? There are many loving pets who require special care while they search for their forever home. Fostering a pet is a life-changing experience and can also help to save an animal’s life. Find out the best things about fostering below!

1.You learn a whole lot.

Regardless of the kind of pet you choose to foster, you’re in for a learning experience. Each and every pet is different, and fostering an animal teaches you the specific needs of that pet, as well as things you can work on together. The possibilities are endless: what will a pet teach you?

2. You connect with something deeper.

Every pet craves something only their owners can give them—the human-animal bond! This outstanding bond provides them with a loving environment in which they can thrive with your support. While taking care of an animal in need, many foster pet parents find fulfillment that extends outside the realm of pet care.

3. You set up an animal for success.

When you choose to foster an animal, you make a commitment to set that pet up for lifelong success. The amazing habits and skills that you can teach a foster pet can carry on throughout their lives, and even help them find their forever home.

4. The community says thank you.Many choose to foster because it helps give back to their community in a tangible way. Whether it’s a volunteering requirement or just a sense of community involvement, fostering a pet presents an opportunity to do something good for the world, especially in troubled times.

5. You provide a valuable experience for the whole family.

Pets are great for socializing the household—especially kids! If your family wants to help an animal but can’t commit to it full-time, fostering is a great way to give back to a community in need, while providing your family with the invaluable experience of caring for an animal. If your program doesn’t count fostering as service, not to worry: we’ve got your back.

6. You just might find your best friend.

While not every foster parent can adopt their pet full-time, some pets can’t help but steal their parents’ hearts and become an invaluable (and often the favorite) member of the family.

Looking to connect with a pet near you? See pets available for adoption here.



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