July 31, 2022

Get Outside and Walk Your Pal!

Walking your dog isn’t just about getting your joints moving and absorbing some fresh air and vitamin D (though those are two awesome benefits), it’s about helping them to relieve some of their instincts, like smelling, exploring, and exercising. More so, it’s about enriching your bond by spending quality time together doing something that’s great for both of you. Here are four quick tips for a better walk with your doggo:

  1. Make sure your pet has proper identification, either through tags or a microchip, just in case you get separated on your walk.
  2. Know their temperament. If you know your pet doesn’t take well to other animals (or gets anxious when leashed), try walking them in areas you won’t run into a lot of other dogs – or consider changing the time of your walk to earlier or later in the day. If you see an animal approaching, don’t be embarrassed to cross the street or pull your pal closer, preventative action is crucial when you’re a pet parent!
  3. Bring a poop bag! You don’t want to be called out for being that pet owner.
  4. Be patient. Sometimes it’s hard for dogs to contain their excitement on a walk but it won’t help anything if you let your frustration get the best of you. If your dog is misbehaving, stop what you’re doing and wait until they calm down. If your dog is constantly stopping to smell the roses, tighten the leash and walk briskly so they have no choice but to keep up. Though, it’s not a bad thing to wait and let them smell their surroundings – in fact, it’s better for them – but of course, there’s a time and place for leisurely sniffing.

And who says it has to be your dog? Walk your cat! Your ferret! Your horse! We’re really just using this as an excuse to push you to get outside with your animal (and you should too!)  Before you hit the streets, don’t forget to snap a pic of you and your pet leashed up and ready to walk, then post it to our Facebook page!

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