April 2, 2019

Guinea Pig Round Up: Our Top 5 Cutest Piggies

It’s time we take the opportunity to dedicate a post to what we feel is a very underrated pal: the guinea pig. Available for both purchase and adoption, guinea pigs have personalities and care needs just like any other pet. Not only do they come in a variety of coats to suit your aesthetic preference, but they can be affectionate, communicative, and playful – plus they’re contained! Making them a wonderful pet for people in small spaces or without a yard. If that’s not enough, we searched the internet and found a slew of cute little guineas, but narrowed it down to our top 5 most shareable piggy pals.

King Charles the Unusual (source: http://ursuladubosarsky.squarespace.com/more-soon)

This Stylish Boybander (source: Buzzfeed via Deviantart)

This Fierce Protector named Lucky (source: Buzzfeed via eBay)

This Cantaloupe-Lovin’ Baby Boy (source: https://www.omlet.us/guide/guinea+pigs/guinea+pigs/)

And this Laid Back Buddy Whose Hands We’re Dying to Hold (source: Buzzfeed via Tumblr)

See, we told you they are some irresistible little morsels! While caring for a guinea pig is considerably easier than their more popular peers, they do still have needs that must be met for a happy, healthy pal. For a great resource on guinea pig care tips, click here for Petco’s perfect rundown.

We’d love to see your piggies! Popcorn on over to our Facebook page and post a picture!

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