February 12, 2019

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day!

It’s sappy for sure, but we think it’s pretty cool that February is associated with love. While the store shelves may get a little tacky and overbearing, the thought behind Valentine’s Day is a simple one: take the opportunity to show your love. Humans can have February 14 – it’s Wednesday, February 20, that we’re focused on. What’s February 20, you ask? It’s Love Your Pet Day!

For many of you (and of course at the Pets Add Life headquarters) every day is Love Your Pet Day, but we want to share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the pet version of Valentine’s Day.

  • Plan a Date. Whether it’s an afternoon hike, trip to the park, or just a pet-friendly picnic in your backyard, spend some quality time with your pet doing more than your usual couch lounging and walk around the block.
  • A Special Meal. Being sure to avoid any food sensitivities, pick up or make your pal a special something – some chicken and rice with veggies, a yummy new treat, or even grilled salmon if you’re feeling extra swaggy.
  • Make it a Double Date. Or even a triple, or quadruple date! Invite some friends and their pets over for some snacks and a play date, because good company is always a great way to make a day special.
  • Pamper Them. Give your pet a massage or, if they enjoy it, a nice warm bath. Keep their eyes and ears clean and maybe even give them a breath-freshening dental treat. Make sure they don’t lift a paw today! (Though that’s probably no different from every day.)
  • Get Them a Little Something. A new sweater, collar, toy, or cage accessory are great gifts for your four-legged love. Take the opportunity to give them something new and remind them they’re your favorite!

What are some special ways you show your pet you love them? Let us know on Facebook!

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