March 25, 2018

Bunny, I’m Home! 5 Reasons to Adopt a Rabbit

Easter is right around the corner and, while it may seem totally cliche, we wanted to dedicate a post to its loveable long-eared mascot. Of course, we would never promote the idea of haphazardly adopting an animal just because it’s Easter or any other holiday but, for those who may be wanting a new companion yet can’t commit to a dog or cat, here are 5 carrots of consideration for you to nibble on.

  1. Perfect for Apartments. Rabbits don’t take up much space, they certainly won’t wake up your neighbors, and there’s no need to leash up for bathroom breaks. Just be sure to keep their cage clean because pet odors and small spaces just don’t mix.
  2. They’re Smart. Bunnies are no dummies, they can be trained to do things like come when called and use a litter box if you’re looking for a pal you can teach.
  3. Safe for Allergy Sufferers. There are a lot of people who may be allergic to dogs and cats but not to rabbits; if you’re one of these people, you don’t have to live a four-leggedless life! Consider adopting a bun!
  4. They’re Interactive and Full of Personality. For those who think rabbits are like fish and simply for observation: wrong-o! Just like dogs and cats, rabbits have different personalities and affection preferences. They’re just as capable of forming a special bond with their human, and can even be taught games!
  5. Adoptable and Easy to Care For. Not only are rabbits less maintenance than other popular pals, they’re less expensive and completely adoptable through your local shelter – making you a life- and money saver.

Bun owners, help us in our persuasion! What do you love most about having a rabbit? Share with us on Facebook!

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