May 11, 2015

7th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winners: Peyton, 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Peyton and Daisy

My Four Furry Friends
By: Peyton L.

 We rescued some animals
That I adore.
We used to have none,
But now we have four!

 First we have Morty,
a cat that I love.
He likes to hang out
High up above.

 Then there’s his brother, Gibby.
He is also a cat.
I have to mention,
He is very fat!

 They love to wrestle.
They love to play.
But most of all,
They sleep all day.

 With one at my feet,
And one at my head,
I never feel lonely
When I’m in my bed.

 Next we have Louie,
A dog from Louisianna.
He used to be hoarded,
But a great life with us
He has been awarded.

 Last we have Daisy,
She’s as soft as a sheep.
We saved her from being put to sleep.
She lived in Florida,
A sunny place.
She’s as sweet as can be
And has a pretty face.
Now she lives in New Jersey
And is a Therapy Dog.
Making people happy is her job.

 That was my poem
And now I am done.
I hope you now realize
that pets are so fun!

Peyton creatively spent her classroom’s prize money on pet education and pet oxygen mask kits to be distributed among her local ambulance company and volunteer fire department.

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