August 3, 2011

It’s a Pawty!

Have you thrown a birthday party for your pet?

Pet parties are becoming “a thing” in the pet owner community. It’s a great way to express how much you love your pet, and have a fun time with friends. Many pet owners celebrate their pet’s birthday, or adoption day! But people have gone beyond the basic birthday shinannigans, and have extended pet parties to include other holidays as well. Think Halloween parties, where you incorporate your pet into your costume (owning a parrot would be ideal for this one!), or even a Valentine’s Day get together with single friends and their pets.

If you’re thinking of celebrating any holiday with your pet, here are some party essentials:

  • Good location: Having a place where many pets can run around, out of the way of the human folk would be best. If you don’t have a spacious backyard, check out a local park.
  • Treats: Of both the pet and human variety. As you saw from the picture in our last post, you can decorate wet cat food for your kitty, and Pupcake shops are becoming a commonality.
  • Entertainment: Toys galore! And maybe something for your human friends to do as well.
  • Party hats: (Optional)
  • Camera: Capture all those memories to share with us!

Along with the pet party phenomena are Twitter Paw Pawties, “parties” for pet owners to get together through Twitter. About once a month a woman hosts a hashtag for Twitter users to follow, #pawpawty. They have a “DJ” and even drinks. It’s all virtual of course, but the concept is pretty interesting. Be a part of the next Twitter #pawpawty by visiting the website.

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