6th Annual Pets Add Life Children's Poetry Contest

Winners Announced! 




Thank you to all who participated in our 6th Annual Children's Poetry Contest! We received hundreds of heart-warming poem submissions and are thrilled to share this year's winners. Stay tuned for the 7th annual contest, returning September 1, 2014! 

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My Treasure

By: Chaz, of Pine Grove, PA


One day I found a treasure,

  it isn't silver or gold.

He's orange and white and very soft,

  a kitten I could hold.

I found him underneath a tree,

  a tiny ball of fur.

When I bent down and picked him up,

  he began to purr.

I took him home and bathed him,

  then showed him to my mom.

We became a family

  from that day on.

We love each other very much,

  he's a real treasure to me.

He is the best friend I could have,

my kitten named “Purrcy.”



I Love Them All

By: Sophia, of Orefield, PA


I was having a tough year,

Until she magically appeared.


Arriving as if she had heard my cries.

So kind, so gentle, just look into her eyes.


Friendly, loyal, trusting and fun,

the best part is,

our adventures have just begun.


Pets are what I'm talking about.

Cats, gerbils, hamsters and trout.


Guinea pigs, fish, tortoises too,

ferrets, lizards, birds, a wallaroo!


Turtles, snakes, horses, spiders,

frogs, toads, a sugar glider.


I love them all,

and if I had my way,

all these pets would be mine today!


But for now as you can see,

Morgan is the pet for me.




By: Travis, of Carlsbad, CA


One ear up,

And one ear down.

I always love,

Having you around.


Your are a part of me,

And I am a part of you.

You are the one,

Who keeps me persevering through.


Whenever times are hard,

You always keep me strong.

And ever since I got you,

I knew I wasn't wrong.


I know we're brothers from different mothers,

But my love for you is rife.

A human is just a human,

Until a pet adds life.



My Dog Sutton is the Best

By: Rian, of Saratoga Springs, NY


She scampers to the door,

and looks out at the snow.

She wants to see beneath it,

whats buried down



I open the door and she runs out,

looking for what is buried down



ball, glove, or toy,

she loves it if it’s in the falling snow.


She runs inside,

to drink water that drips





On her doggy lips.


Then she lays down to sleep;

fur everywhere.

On cushions, tile,

and inside all the curtain tears!


Her eyes close,

“Sleep well” I whisper to my pet.

Sutton is the best dog yet!



A Friend at the End of the Leash

By: Kelly, of Wildwood, MO


I was at the pound to find a new friend

A dog that would love me until the end.


I saw a dog, tiny and white

Now I believe in love at first sight.


As I walked over, he wagged his tail

Faster and faster, like wind in a sail.


As I bent down to pet that ball of fluff

He covered me with kisses until I said “Enough!”


Now I don’t have to look far to find a friend

He’s been at the end of my leash ever since then.




By: Seth, of Seymour, WI


Little Otter is a corgi

He's really quite unique

He enjoys it when you pet him

And licks you on the cheek


He's got a friend named Sharkey

It is his favorite toy

He sees him, and seems to say

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy"


He's an odd little fellow

He sleeps belly up, legs to the sky

His great personality

Will have you laughing until you cry


He's a good dog, a great friend

If you knew him, you'd be impressed

He loves me and I love him

Otter is just simply the best

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