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Ace & Hunny Bunny

Success Story – Matched June 2017


“I haven’t always been very social – you don’t do a lot of talking on the open road. So when I met Hunny Bunny, I was surprised how easy it was to open up to her. Now I can’t shut up about my feelings!”





Norma & Winston

Success Story – Matched March 2018


“I never thought I’d ever find a companion who was secure enough with me having my own life. When we first met, I just knew Winston was independent AND devoted. I always say, I’d be wrapped around his finger, if he had any.”


Madison & Jazmine & Tweet

Success Story – Matched December 2015 & May 2017


“I’ve always heard that in relationships you can’t ‘have it all,’ but I’ve never believed that. Jazmine and Tweet are everything I need and more. There’s a lid for every pot, sometimes even two!”

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