Seven Members.
One Mission.

Meet the Members of the Committee

Lead with authority. Inspire by example. Knock things off tall surfaces.

Judy Rothstein

Committee Chaircat
I believe the puppies are our future.

Gwendolyn Johnson

DirectorPublic Relations
Good people deserve a pet. Bad people need one.

Jayla Brown

DirectorMedia Strategy
The bowl is there to contain the intellect.

Bronson Lee

Life is a river of art and imagination swirling above and below and around us like imaginary swirly swirls of hope and love and art!

Sung Gabrieli

I developed and sold three apps in less than a dog year. What’s your excuse?

Harold Pohn

DirectorSocial Media


Project Manager

Our Core Values

We vow to hold ourselves, with humility and great resolve, to these guiding principles – and to never turn down a treat.

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