February 15, 2020

Why Hamsters Make Great First Pets

If you’re a first-time pet owner, you probably have a lot of questions about owning a pet. What’s the right amount of space? How big of a commitment is this? Do I have time to take on a pet right now? 

While every new pet owner faces similar concerns, one thing is for sure:  hamsters are one of the cutest and most rewarding pets that someone can open their home (and heart) to.

At PAL, we believe hamsters make great first pets. And here’s why:

  1. Hamsters are simply adorable.They’re active pets, meaning that they love to grow, explore, and thrive in an interactive environment. This means you will be an essential part of their life and they will develop a relationship with you. Plus, hamsters have distinct personalities and habits, making them wonderfully exciting housemates.
  2. You want it? They got it.“Big” or small, multicolored or monochromatic, hamsters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some hamsters, such as dwarf hamsters, are wonderful pets for first-time owners as they are small and energetic. Other owners may prefer a larger and more relaxed species.
  3. They teach responsibility.Hamsters spend the majority of their lives in enclosures that keep them safe from passersby and other pets. This means they require dedicated time to spend exploring or lounging in your lap. In making time for your hamster every day, you can develop a special routine that keeps you, or your kids, accountable, while also fostering a special bond.
  4. They don’t need a lot of friends.While a dog may fair better with a paw-tner in crime if you’re often away, hamsters are different. These small animals prefer to live a solitary life (apart from their daily interaction with you!)
  5. Hamsters can teach you a lot about yourself.Are you a playful pet parent? Do you love reading with a hamster in your lap? Is your camera roll filled with photos of your hamster? In falling in love with your first hamster, you are able to learn more about the human-animal bond and how rewarding it is to take care of an animal. This medium-maintenance pet is a wonderful option when making the big decision to open your life up to a pet for the first time.
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