June 17, 2019

Top Offices For Pals

By now you probably know that June 17 and June 21 are Take your Cat/Dog to Work Day (an initiative that makes our pet-loving hearts soar) but there are some workplaces where every day is Bring your Pet to Work Day! Yep, somewhere out there a few pet-loving CEOs got the memo that animals in the workplace improve morale and productivity and made the decision to allow employees to bring their well-behaved buddies to work all the time. Which workplaces, you ask? Here’s a few we found.

  • Build a Bear Workshop. The Missouri-based company has a doggy etiquette agreement that employees have to sign before being able to bring their dog but, once they do, the company provides doggy birthday parties, treats, and concierge-coordinated ‘spaw’ days.
  • Go Daddy. These guys consider dogs as a mental healthcare resource; most of their free on-site psychologists have adopted canine assistants that are treated as part of the company and are readily available to de-stress employees.
  • Mars. You may know them for candy but this Virginia company also makes dog food and their love of canines runs deep. For traveling employees, some offices offer feeding or boarding programs, their company Halloween party has a dog category, and 80% of their volunteer projects are for animal causes.
  • Google. The new-age company loves dogs so much it worked them into their code of conduct. Supervised dog visits are allowed and the regulars will even get their own name badge. There’s even a self-proclaimed dog lovers’ group of employees dubbed Dooglers.
  • Kimpton. Perhaps one of the pet-friendliest hotels for guests and workers, employees aren’t just allowed to bring their dog to work, they’re provided with pet insurance, bereavement leave in the event of a pet’s death, and on-site amenities like water bowls, treats, beds, and toys. Some hotels even have a “Director of Pet Relations” – a furry pal posted at the front to greet guests!

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