June 10, 2019

Tips for Bringing Kitty to Work

Big news for cat fans: June 17th is Take Your Cat to Work Day! We’re pretty psyched about this little switch up, as some of us have really amazing cats that could be just as beneficial in the workplace as dogs have proven to be. To recap, pets in the workplace improve morale and absenteeism, reduce stress, and cause unity among coworkers, all of which pawsitively affects productivity. Now, notice how we said *some* of us have cats that could be great in the workplace? That’s because it’s important to recognize that certain personalities will not enjoy a field trip to the office on June 17th or any day and it’s your responsibility to know your cat well enough to make the call. Here are a few tips to help make Take Your Cat to Work Day near-purrfect.

  • Permission First. Definitely make sure your job is partaking in the festivities before you show up with your cat and a box full of toys in your arms.
  • Cool Cats Only. Don’t get us wrong, all felines are wonderful (and we know your cat is the coolest) but some cats are pretty much owner-only companions while others don’t care who’s petting them. You want the latter in the office. A laid-back cat that doesn’t startle or stress easily makes for a great kitty coworker.
  • Bring the Essentials. You’ll likely want to bring a water bowl, some treats, toys or a scratcher, a bed or box they can retreat to, and a litter box. And unless you’re cool with cat hair on your slacks, don’t forget a leash or carrier to get your cat from the car to the office.
  • Be Aware. A lazy, lounging cat will make for an easy day but if your cat’s a roamer that’s okay, just be proactive in watching where they’re going and making sure they aren’t being a nuisance to your coworkers or their kitties.
  • Enjoy! Even if you don’t bring your pal, enjoy everyone else’s! You can still bring treats for the new kitty coworkers and introduce yourself to all their sweet faces.

If your office is participating in Take Your Cat to Work Day, you must take pictures and post them to our Facebook page! We can’t wait to see cats in your cubicles!

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