May 20, 2019

Life Lessons From Fish

We need to get this off our chests and out in the open water: it really grinds our gills that fish don’t get more recognition. We know you can’t take them on vacation or pet them while you watch tv, but they can enhance your life just like any other pal. From their soothing colors and relatively low-maintenance upkeep, fish are pretty underrated if you ask us. In fact, we’ve learned quite a few things from fish in our day and we feel it’s time to bestow this knowledge on our loyal followers.

  • Just keep swimming. A classic reminder that the only way out of most things is through them, so just keep putting one foot in front of the other in the good times and bad.
  • Let your true colors shine. When you look in a fish tank you see all types of sizes and colors and it’s still beautiful, right? Welp, the same thing goes for this fish bowl we call life, folks – a fish can’t change it’s scales and neither can you. Be yourself because that’s beautiful.
  • Life is simple. All fish really need is clean water and food; sometimes we need a gentle reminder that few things are truly needed to float along happily in life.
  • It takes all kinds of kinds. Small fish cleaning bigger fishes’ mouths, big fish providing protection for little guys as they swim, the various forms of communication – whether it’s a fish tank, the ocean, or your school or office, it takes a variety of personalities and skills to make an ecosystem work.
  • Don’t be a bully. If you’ve ever watched fish fight or bully one another, you know the aggressor is always the jerk. Don’t be that guy. There’s plenty of room in the sea for everybody.

Aside from our little compilation of life lessons, it’s been proven that watching fish can reduce stress and promote relaxation in settings like senior care facilities, hospitals, waiting rooms, and therapist offices. And that’s your lesson for today.

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