April 22, 2019

Pet First Aid: Are you Prepared?

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, a reminder to include your pals when updating your at-home first aid kit. Of course your kit should include gauze, alcohol wipes, bandaids, and peroxide for pets and humans alike, but what about styptic powder to stop bleeds? Do you have eyewash? Of course we’re not here to make you panic or feel ill-equipped – in fact, we’re here to help. On behalf of your pal, here are a few additions for your home’s first aid kit in the event of an emergency: 

  • Liquid bandage – easier to apply and keep on animals and provides a waterproof barrier against dirt and germs.
  • Styptic powder – to stop bleeding and relieve pain.
  • Pet-friendly eyewash – to safely remove uncomfortable debris from the eye
  • Hot Spot Lotion – soothes itchy, irritated areas and allows for proper healing

In the event of a minor injury, remember to remain calm and clean. Wash your hands and make sure anything being applied to the wound is also free of dirt and debris. Use a mild soap and water mixture or hydrogen peroxide to clean the area and dry it as best as you can without causing irritation. Apply a liquid bandaid and try to your best to ensure your pet leaves it alone, which may mean wrapping it. For a sprain, some first aid kits will have a wooden stick and gauze for a splint, which can work in a bind but will require follow up care to ensure proper healing.

 Be honest, does your first aid kit include pets? Have you ever needed a first aid kit to treat your pet? We’d love to hear how you prepare on behalf of your pal on Facebook!

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