December 22, 2018

PAL’s Must-Have Holiday Travel Checklist

The holidays are a time of togetherness and, for some, that might mean traveling to be with loved ones. Naturally, this may include bringing furry family members along – which we think makes for the ultimate heart-filled holiday memory. But traveling with pets means a whole new level of preparation – not only are you packing your necessities, you’re packing your pal’s too. The best way to travel with pets is by car – it’s less expensive, stressful, and cramped for both you and your pet, allowing you to bring everything you both will need. Below are what we consider non-negotiable necessities to bring on behalf of your pal for your holiday road trip.

  • Bowls. For both food and water. There are amazing no-spill bowls on the market that are perfect for the backseat.
  • Food, Treats, Supplements, Medicines. Anything your pal ingests on a daily basis should be continued while on vacation. We recommend bringing a little more than your intended stay, just in case bad weather keeps you there longer than anticipated.
  • Pet Restraint. Whether it’s the cat carrier, booster seat for small dogs or designated car harness for larger ones, this is somewhat non-negotiable, as pets can become deadly projectiles in the event of an accident.
  • Unless your destination has specific accommodations for your pet, we recommend bringing their bed; not only will it remind them of home, but it designates a little space all their own in an unfamiliar place.
  • Leash/Harness. For pit stops, walks, and potty breaks (for dogs.)
  • Pick Up Bags. See above.
  • Favorite Toy/Bone. For both entertainment and familiarity.
  • Paper Towels.Sounds silly until you need them!

Well, that’s our list anyway. If there’s a travel must-have we’re missing, call us out on Facebook! Safe travels!

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