October 21, 2018

5 Pets Who Crushed the Costume Contest (and Have No Idea)

If you ask us, there’s really nothing better than a festive pet. Of course, it’s the owner who orchestrates the whole thing, but it’s the pal’s blissful ignorance that makes it even more adorable. Pet costumes are what make Halloween one of our favorite times of year and we wanted to round up our top 5 freaky internet favs for your Hollow’s Eve enjoyment.

This adorable walrus who’s just wondering where his paws went

source: instructables.com

This Stranger Thing that we have a strong urge to cuddle

source: reddit.com

Or this adorable little freak

source: halloweencostumes.com

This super easy, super nostalgic throwback

source: youbetyourpierogis.com

We personally think a cat dressed as sushi is acceptable all year

source: petswelcome.com


We seriously can’t wait to see your pets’ costumes, so make our month and start sharing! We’re excited to repost our favorites!

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