October 4, 2018

6 Telltale Signs You’re Ready to Adopt a Pet (or Not…)

So, you heard it’s Adopt a Pet Month and you think you’re ready to take the leap into pet parenthood. You know you like animals, and that they’ll need to be fed and cleaned up after… totally doable, right? The truth is there’s a reason everyone says adopting a pet is a big responsibility – because it is. So, before you sign the adoption papers and change both your lives, we want you to answer true or false to the following:

  • You’re ready to miss out on nights out and travel plans. Getting a pet doesn’t mean your social life comes to a halt, but there will be times you have to go home to let the dog out or can’t find a pet-sitter for that weekend trip. If you’re not ready to make your new companion a top priority, you’re not ready to adopt.
  • You can afford regular and miscellaneous vet bills. Not only will your animal need routine check-ups but accidents happen that can result in expensive vet bills or ongoing treatment. If your checking account already gives you the side eye with purchases, you may want to wait until your finances change a bit.
  • You’re okay with cleaning poop and the occasional puke. Whether it’s a litter box, backyard, or cage, you will need to clean up after your pet regularly for everyone’s health and well being. If you can’t commit to (or stomach) cleaning up their waste three times a week (depending on the size of the pet and space), you may want to reconsider adoption.
  • You have free time and you’re okay with spending it at home. Getting a new animal means taking the time to get acquainted and train them as needed. This, of course, will require time at home and consistency.
  • You feel lonely sometimes. Pets are a perfect way to have company without the pressure of conversation or ‘social performance.’ If you find yourself craving quiet company and affection, adopting an animal may be just what you need.
  • You’ve already looked into which pet is best. We don’t recommend aimlessly adopting an animal; it’s integral to consider your lifestyle and how certain breeds or animal types will fit into it. If you’ve already considered this and researched breeds and animal types, congratulations! You’re already a responsible pet lover.

See, the rumors are true: pet ownership is a big responsibility. It’s also one of the most enriching, fulfilling, and heart-expanding things you can do. If you feel ready to adopt a pet, do your research and go to the shelter this month, as many shelters run adoption specials for the occasion.  What was the biggest change you made when you got a pet? Share your story!

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