September 5, 2018

5 Ways to Keep a Happy, Healthy Cat

If you talk to any cat person on the planet they’ll gladly gush about the joys of loving and bonding with a feline; but for someone considering one, there can be questions about how best to take care of a pet that’s notorious for being standoffish. September is Happy Healthy Cat Month, and in honor of our often persnickety (but oh, so lovable) pals, we’re sharing 5 bond-enriching habits so new and veteran cat owners alike can make sure their cat is both happy and healthy all year ‘round.

  • Give them Attention. For some cats, that may just be a friendly hello when they come in the room and petting them if they come around while, for others, it can mean constant affection and full-on conversations. (This is a safe space, we’re not above admitting to meowing back or responding to a hypothetical question our kitty poses while waiting for their breakfast.) The bottom line is, you need to let your cat know they’re welcome and wanted.
  • Make them Feel Safe. For new cat owners, designate a room for your pal to acclimate and unwind in. As time goes on, always be a point of safety and kindness for your cat – being sure never to purposefully startle them or allowing other animals or children to make them uncomfortable. Basically: let them know you’re in their corner.
  • Respect their Space. For some cats, it’ll be YOUR space that needs respecting but for standoffish kitties, it’s imperative to respect their body language and give them space when needed. Some cats will rub their face all over yours but, for others, you’ll want to keep your face clear of theirs and only pet them when it’s clear they’re okay with it. You may not realize it, but you’re ultimately proving you’re trustworthy but allowing them to relax.
  • Keep them Playful. Don’t just provide plenty of toys, get on the ground and play! Or dangle the feather from a chair or bed, whatever. All we’re saying is to engage and play with your cat not only to keep them healthy and active but to make sure they know you’re their best friend.
  • Pay Attention. When petting your pal, survey their skin and coat for any abnormalities and monitor them accordingly; when you’re cleaning their litter box be sure their poops are consistent and free of anything that could indicate a bowel obstruction (strings, toy parts, etc.), and make vet appointments both regularly and as needed.

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