July 18, 2018

Oh My Gosh, Look at that Mutt – Cutest Crossbreeds on the Net

Tuesday, July 31 is National Mutt Day, a shout out to the mixed breeds that keep us smiling (and guessing!)  We love this pawliday because it reminds people that a dog doesn’t have to be purebred to bring pure happiness. Big dogs, little dogs, wiry, short, curly, or straight hair, active or lazy – whatever you want in a pal, we guarantee they’re waiting at the shelter or will stop in soon. What exactly qualifies as a mutt, you ask? Pretty much any combination of breeds not intended to make a hybrid; so, a Labradoodle, for example, does not qualify as a mutt. A German Shepherd and Beagle pup, on the other hand, would – especially if the parents aren’t pure. So, to celebrate these muttastic mixes we’re presenting you with the 5 cutest crossbreeds we could find. 


A corgi and a labrador? SIGN. US. UP. Talk about an adventurous, caring, silly, and attentive combo.


A chihuahua and a pug walk into a bar…  Just kidding, but we love their little faces! These buddies are perfect for cuddling, sleeping, and any other activity because they’re adorable, pint-sized pals.


Stop what you’re doing and look at this Wheaten terrier/poodle mix right now. Hypoallergenic, smart, and a perfect mid-size, these puppers are so much more than their incredibly fun name.


A dachshund and a cocker spaniel come together to make an agile, easy-to-train pup with fewer back issues and less grooming worries than their purebred predecessors.


These guys may be well on their way to becoming a bonafide boutique breed because they’re beautiful, easily managed small dogs. They’re basically miniature huskies and we love them all.

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