March 10, 2018

We’re Gabbin’ About Guinea Pigs

We are just squealing with excitement and here’s why: March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month! Now, it may not be a big deal to you, but around here we get pretty pumped whenever less-popular pals get their chance in the spotlight. The truth is, guinea pigs offer just as many pet-loving benefits as any other buddy and may even be easier to take care of. So, in honor of our compact comrades, we’re offering six wonderful reasons to consider adopting a guinea pig this month.

  • They’re Affectionate. When properly handled (and once trust is established), most guinea pigs don’t mind being cuddled in the arms or against the chest of their owner. We recommend approaching them in an open but contained area so you can slowly scoop them up rather than reaching down into their cage, and always support their behind when holding them.

    (*PAL Pro-Tip: When it comes to kids, it’s imperative to teach them the proper way to approach and handle a guinea pig – for everyone’s sake! Do demonstrations and be diligent in monitoring them the first few times they handle their new pet to ensure a long, happy relationship.)

  • They’re Cost Effective. Not only are vet bills cheaper and less frequent, guinea pigs eat less and their food is considerably less expensive. Yep, minus the initial purchasing of the cage, water bottle, and a few toys, the cost to maintain a guinea pig is pretty cheap compared to their more popular pet peers.
  • Space Savers. Guinea pigs are great pets for people who live in apartments or simply don’t want to risk their floors, furniture, and bedding to accommodate a dog or cat. A nice, clean cage in a comfortable room is all your piggy needs to thrive.
  • Virtually Odorless. What we mean is, as long as their cage is kept clean guinea pigs themselves are actually fastidiously clean creatures that emit little natural odor. If you’re going to commit to a guinea pig, commit to cleaning their cage at least once a week – opt for twice and you’ll have guests wondering if you even own a pet.
  • Good Teachers. For children, guinea pigs teach responsibility, empathy, and the importance of being reliable. Furthermore, they make an excellent, non-judgemental audience for kids to practice reading aloud and help build their immune system.
  • They’re Adoptable! Forget paying top dollar at a pet store for your piggy, they are totally adoptable through your local shelter (or there may even be a rescue somewhere near you.) You can save a life and some cash.

If you’re a guinea pig owner, or are considering bringing one home in the near future, talk to us! Tell us your stories, show us your pals, and share any concerns with our Facebook community!

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