October 6, 2017

Caped Canines and Festive Felines: Easy Costume Ideas for our Pals

It’s here! It’s here! Halloween is here and we are bursting with excitement to decorate our homes, ourselves, and our pets. (Yes, we said our pets.) Of course, not every pal is super keen on being dressed in a costume (and we can’t blame them, some days it’s a struggle for us just to put on pants), so we’ve come up with a few easy ideas for them to paw-ticipate…

Harry Paw-tter – Pick your favorite Hogwarts house colors, get a scarf in the same hues,  print or order a patch with the house emblem and expecto patronum! You’ve got yourself a magical mascot for the night. (Bonus points if you can figure out how to work a pair of costume glasses into it.)

Scooby Doo – This one is super simple: all you need is a bright blue collar (or you can wrap your pet’s existing one in fabric) and make a cartoon-ish SD tag out of cardboard. Granted, certain breeds pull this one off better than others but we love any and all efforts to be festive.

Lifeguard – Does your dog have a life vest? Then you’ve got a costume. Tape the white lifeguarding symbol on it and a whistle around their neck (if you can) and consider your pup transformed.

A Simple Cape. Seriously, a little goes a long way. Bonus points if it’s personalized to make your pet into their very own caped crusader.

Pet Paint – Oh yes, it’s a thing, and it’s a great way to zhoosh up your pet’s exterior with zero discomfort to them. Be sure to test the paint on a small area of their skin first and, if everything’s okay, go for it! Turn them into a camouflaged soldier, a spotted leopard, or even draw a superhero’s emblem on their chest; just be sure to keep it below the neck and watch for their eyes while spraying.

We’re dying to see your pals’ costumes, even if they’re from last year – so be sure to share on Facebook!

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