September 18, 2017

SPF: Sun Protection for Fido

Did you know that pets can get sunburnt too? Yep, a day in the sun for certain dogs can burn their skin just like humans (especially long haired dogs who’ve been shaved down for summer.) The truth is the sun can be just as dangerous to our dogs as it can to us and, while it may seem over-the-top and worrisome to consider sun protection, if your dog frequently accompanies you on a boat, to the beach, or even hunting, you may want to consider these sun protection favorites.

  • Yep, doggy sunscreen exists, primarily for their nose and inner thighs where the fur is thin but will undoubtedly get exposed to the sun. Make absolute sure there isn’t any zinc oxide in the product, and test it on a small part of their skin before full application.
  • We love doggles – they make us laugh, make pups look like bosses and, most importantly, protect their eyes from the sun. An absolute must for dogs who frequently go on boats or motorcycles (yikes! But we’ve seen it!) with their owners.
  • Another functional product that’s good for a laugh as dogs get used to them. While these aren’t necessarily protection from the sun, they will save your pet’s paw pads from the ground that’s scalding because of it.
  • UV Shirts. Yep, just like the ones you see on kids at the beach. If your dog has skin issues or a something like a healing cut but can still have fun at the beach, consider a rash guard – just remember it won’t protect their inner thighs.
  • Shade, Duh. The most obvious sun protection is shade – and it’s an absolutely must anywhere your pet may be (especially, your backyard.) If your pet often accompanies you to sunny places, consider an umbrella or shade structure – not just for your pet, but for you too! (And, of course, don’t forget lots of water, pals.)

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