August 1, 2017

Five Must-Haves for a Puppy Party

Nowadays, doggy birthday parties aren’t just reserved for the posh pups of Beverly Hills or NYC – it’s something a lot of doting pet parents are starting to do. While pup parties are geared toward four-legged attendees, you don’t want the soiree to be a simple play date; you want it to be a cohesive (and, ok, maybe even enviable) event that everyone can enjoy regardless of species. Of course this isn’t intended to be stressful, so we’ve gathered a few quick tips + 5 must-have provisions to guarantee a barkin’ good time.

Quick Tips:

  • The Guest List: Don’t just formulate the guest list based on people you like, base it on the dogs the birthday buddy enjoys.
  • The Location: Be realistic about the venue’s capacity in regard to the crowd you’re bringing and, of course, make sure they allow dogs if you’re thinking somewhere public.
  • The Food: You may want to be aware of food allergies in the crowd, just in case – even a dog treat with peanut butter could cause problems for an allergic human.

Must Haves:

  • Treats – Dogs aren’t any different than we are, they want some goodies when they’re at a party! Whether you make ‘em or buy ‘em, just make sure there’s something yummy for them to snack on… with their owner’s permission, of course.
  • Doggy Bags – Show your thanks for their attendance with a little something to go. Homemade treats make for a cute takeaway but any small gift, like a tennis ball or chew toy, is an adorable adieu at the end of a birthday party.
  • Games – Activities always make for a good time. A few of our favorites are:

Ice Melt – Freeze small individual cups of water with a piece of watermelon or other goodie frozen in the middle and let the pups lick until they get to it. Winner gets a prize!  Paw Prints – This one is fun because owners get involved, too. Simply set up a station with non-toxic paints, large pieces of paper, and whatever accessories you want for owners to make a fun craft with their animal that they can take with them.

  • People Food – Don’t forget the humans! How elaborate you want to be with the people provisions is up to you, just make sure there’s plenty of food and drinks for the number of humans in tow. (Hint: We usually get by with hot dogs, which is totally low-key and also a bit punny, if you will.)
  • Decor – The decorations are really what take it from a playdate to a pawty, so have fun! Whether it’s an abundance of cheap plastic pools with balloons, beach balls, and frisbees floating in them to letter balloons that spell your pup’s name with streamers, we say there’s nothing too over-the-top when it comes to celebrating our babies’ birthdays so be as deluxe as you want, darlings.
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