July 3, 2017

We’re Talkin’ Tanks!

As pet people, it’s easy to get carried away in tips, tricks, and activities for animals of the four legged and furry variety but, the truth is, there are some truly talk worthy pets that live in tanks. A perfect option for people with allergies or children looking for a different type of companion, aquatic pets are really rad in their own tranquil way. In an effort to make up for an inadvertent focus on more popular pet types, here are five reasons fish (and other tank dwellers) make fantastic pals.

  • Watching fish, turtles, or other aquatic pets float through the water is known to have a calming effect on the mind.
  • Tank dwellers are quiet – no need to worry about the neighbors complaining or waking anyone up. A wonderful option for apartment living.
  • Aquatic companions are less expensive to care for (though a knowledge for their environment and care is necessary.)
  • No Time? No Problem. No need for a leash, tags, or pick up bags – these guys don’t daily walks or potty breaks. (But they will need their habitats cleaned regularly.)
  • Pick a color, any color! Fish – and even frogs, hermit crabs, and lizards – come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so you can customize your tank to look however you want it to.

Don’t get us wrong, aquatic animals aren’t self-sustaining pets – they still require the care and attention of a human to live. Your tank is your pet’s habitat, which will require cleaning and the right temperature and pH; so pretty please: do your research before you dive into caring for one (or ten) of these guys. We will say, though, once you’ve found the right balance and how to achieve it: it’s nothing but peaceful enjoyment (and an awesome conversation starter for visitors!)

Fish not really your fav? What about a turtle? Maybe a hermit or Red-Clawed Crab? A frog? What about a newt or axolotl? Seriously! Look them up, they’re adorable!

Do you own an off-the-wall-type critter? Do share!

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