June 19, 2017

Bow-WOW! It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Oh man, if there’s one thing we love about our headquarters it’s the office dogs. There’s just something about seeing those wagging tails and fluffy faces walking the halls that makes work feel a little more like home (not to mention they’re a perfect reason to take our eyes off the computer screen for a few minutes. But not too often! Hi boss!) While we recognize how insanely lucky we are to have an office that has provisions for pets, most employers don’t… save for one day. For workplaces that participate, June 23 is Take your Dog to Work Day… and it genuinely excites us just thinking about how many coworkers’ days will be made by having canines in their cubicles.

If your workplace is allowing dogs for the day, might we suggest a few things to make the experience more enjoyable for all?

  • Bring something for your dog to do. Sure they’ll have new butts to sniff and people to meet but once the newness wears off you should have something to occupy their time so they don’t become a nuisance to your neighbors. Maybe a chew toy, interactive treater, or even their crate if that’s where they’re calm and comfortable.
  • Make sure they’re mostly well-mannered. No pooch is perfect, but you certainly don’t want to bring a poorly behaved pet into the office for what should be a relatively functional work day. Make sure your pet doesn’t mind other dogs, doesn’t have toy aggression, and actually likes meeting new people before you put them in this situation. Otherwise, just enjoy the cuties who come to your cube!
  • Keep them comfortable. Whatever that means for your pet. Obviously you can’t wheel your living room couch in, but if they have a portable bed or favorite toy (that they aren’t territorial over) – bring it! Let your pet know they’re somewhere they belong… for today.
  • Be involved. If your dog gets up and starts wandering, we suggest following them to see what they get into (at least the first few times.) That way you can be present if they start to pester a peer or if another dog shows aggression.
  • Mindfully Meet New Mutts. While we trust that your coworkers would only bring friendly dogs to the office, it’s important to mind YOUR manners when meeting new dogs, since some may be a little weirded out to begin with. Start with the back of your palm out toward them and take it from there; if they turn their head or just don’t seem into it, don’t force it.

If your dog’s going to be making memos and taking messages this week, we’d love to see some pictures on Facebook!

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