June 5, 2017

Summer Fun, Pals Included!

It’s almost official, people! Summer is here, which probably means you’re ready for all things outdoors. And guess what? Your pal probably is too! We don’t know about you, but we love seeing our pets enjoy the sunshine on their furry faces and grass under their paw pads. We know not all pet types are cut out for the great outdoors (and admit that most of these ideas are tailored to canines) but here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate our pets into our summer plans and get ‘em some of that long-lost fresh air and vitamin D.


  • Walkin’. We say there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics and enjoying a leisurely stroll with your animal – and before you think this is dog-specific, know that there are leashes and harnesses meant for ferrets and cats who enjoy the pastime (which is something we’d LOVE to see in action!) And for the really small animals, let your hamster, gerbil, or chinchilla out in the yard for a bit – in or out of their cage or ball depending on how well you know your pet not to jet off and get lost. You could always make a little wire enclosure to give them [relatively] free reign and yourself peace of mind.
  • Campin’. Not all dogs enjoy camping, but the ones that do should always be included in the rugged getaway plans! Like you, they’ll need the basics: their backpack, portable dishes, food, water, and a bed to sleep on. It’s always wise to have a first aid kit, too. Make sure the campground you’re going to allows dogs and that your pal’s well-behaved enough to potentially run into people and other pets… and prepare to make great memories with your best friend.
  • Beachin’. We’ve all seen those pooches that just love the beach, and we can’t blame them! The sun, sand, smells, and sounds of the coast are hard to hate. But whether it’s a day at the beach, a leisurely stroll by the water, or a bonfire at night, safety should come first for you and your animal; only pets with good recall and a comfort around water should be left off leash at dog-friendly beaches. Of course never discount the peace of mind of a floatation vest for pets who want to be included but aren’t strong swimmers.
  • Hikin’. We like hiking because it’s more than a walk but less of a to-do than camping and, depending on the trail, most dogs can enjoy a brisk walk on a nature trail. But before go, it’s important to know that hikes do take a little planning. Figure out the intensity and duration of the hike and plan accordingly in regard to food and water; and don’t overshoot your expertise, start easy and work both of your endurances up to harder hikes over time.


Whatever you do this summer and however you choose to incorporate your pal, we’d love to see! Show us some of your fun in the sun with your best captions on our

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