March 13, 2017

Five Reason to Procure a Puppy

March 23 is National Puppy Day, a national nod to the magic that is puppies and the love and light they consistently bring to our lives (because let’s face it, you can’t NOT smile when those derpy balls of fluff come around.) While there are so many great ways to celebrate Puppy Day, the meat and potatoes of the holiday is to get people to adopt a young dog from a shelter or rescue and save its life for good. In an attempt to persuade anyone with a fuzzy perspective on puppies, here are five amazing reasons to bring a fluffy, squishy, curious baby canine into your life.

  • Lower Stress. You’ve seen all the feel-good field studies on how puppies made people smile in times of stress… Multiply that by like, every day and you’d have your life as a pup owner.
  • Hello, Social Gateway. Like we said – there are few things cuter than puppies, making them a perfect conversation starter; whether it’s the adorable icebreaker someone needs to approach you or you strike up a conversation with a cute stranger about the joys and hardships of puppy raising, when it comes to meeting people, we’re telling you: they work.
  • They’ll Keep you on your Toes. Puppies are full of energy and require ample attention and activity to keep them happy and out of trouble. The best part is, leash training a puppy is so much easier than a grown dog with already-established bad habits – now’s the time to mold your perfect workout buddy!
  • Improve Emotional Awareness and Responsibility. In kids and grown-ups alike, caring for a young animal teaches empathy and is certainly a daily dose of ongoing, important responsibility. Which is totally worth it because…
  • They’ll Be the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have. Raising a dog from puppyhood definitely does something for your bond that nothing else will; you have the opportunity to raise your pet as you see fit and they innately learn your lifestyle and habits because it’s all they’ve ever known. We know puppies can be a challenge but with a little time and consistency they turn into a tailor-made companion.

Have an adorable puppy PAL or a favorite way to celebrate Puppy Day? Share with us!

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