March 3, 2017

The Sun Will Come Out… Tomorrow

We know it might be a little premature for some areas of the country, but when March rolls around we inevitably start getting really excited about warm weather fun. With more hours of daylight and nights getting warmer, we hope everyone’s thinking of ways to make the most of their time outside –  especially for pets! Even if we are a little early, here are a few of our favorite warm weather activities you and your PAL can get excited about.

  • Swimming! Most dogs (heck, maybe even some cats and ferrets) enjoy a nice, cool dip on a hot summer day just as much as we do. Some buddies may need a floatation vest, while others may dive right in like they’re part porpoise, but being safe is the most important thing – as long as your pet’s recall is good and the water’s calm, you’re in for an enjoyable day.
  • Evening Strolls. Since there’s still sunlight after work, take the opportunity to stretch your legs and leave your desk behind with a nice walk with your dog, cat, or ferret in the crisp springtime air.
  • Afternoon Playtime. The afternoons are absolutely perfect this time of year to get outside and play! Whether it’s going to the dog park, lounging in the sun with your cat, or even letting your small animal run around in their ball in the fresh air, we hope you seize these perfect afternoons and get outside as much as possible.
  • You could do all of the aforementioned activities on a fun camping trip with the whole fam! Just make sure your pet is comfortable, has plenty of food, water, leashes, and a bed in the shade to retreat from all the fun.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity to commemorate warmer weather? Tell us here!


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