December 5, 2016

A Letter to Santa Paws, From the Pets


Dear Santa Paws –

We’ve heard from our humans that if we’re good all year you’ll reward us with whatever we want, and it really made our tail wag! We put a lot of thought into our wish list and thought now would be a good time to send it off in the hopes of getting just a few things. We’ve been really good, Santa, honest! Ok, so maybe we caused a couple of new stains on the carpet and a few shoes went missing, but 12 months is a long time! We’re sure you have some sort of forgiveness plan in place, right Santa?

Anyway, like we said, we’ve put a lot of thought into what we want and it came down to three things:

  1. Endless chew toys.
  2. Warm homes and lots of love for all the unclaimed pals.
  3. Happiness and good health for all the pet parents.

That’s not too tall of an order, right Mr. Paws? Like we said, we’ve been on our best behavior in the hopes of getting these things – and it’s not really like us to be selfish. (We promise to share the chew toys! Well, maybe.)

We really hope this letter gets to you in one piece, Santa (some of the guys had a really hard time not eating it.) Give our love to your reindeer crew and let them know we are always down for a game of chase if they are. Be safe flying around the world, be sure to stick your tongue out and let the wind hit your lips – it’s our favorite.


The Pets who Add Life

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