November 21, 2016

A Thank You Letter to Our Pets


Pals –
In light of Thanksgiving, we thought it appropriate to pen a little letter to you, the ones that bring us so much light all year ‘round. Thank you.

Thank you for never judging us, even on the days we’re grumpy, or skip a shower, or don’t put on real pants because some days are just like that.

Thanks for always pulling us out of our bad moods, or at least trying to, with a wagging tail, head in our lap, or toy at our feet.

Thank you for cleaning up whatever food may fall to the floor, you’ve saved us from pulling out the vacuum or mop more times than we can count.

Thanks for protecting us the best way you know how; whether it’s a pre-emptive bark, a concerned growl, or simply never leaving our side – we know your intentions are to keep us out of harm’s way, and we love you for that.

Thank you for loving us. We can’t explain what our bond with you means, but it’s different from any other relationship we have; you’re our best friend and the comfort and companionship you bring to our lives on a daily basis is irreplaceable. Thank you for the laughs, cuddles, kisses, and purrs, we truly can’t imagine our lives without them.

If there’s something you want to thank your pet for, we invite you to use our Facebook page to do just that… Don’t forget to post a picture, too!

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