November 14, 2016

Does Your Pet Need a Pal?


November 19 marks National Get a Pal for Your Pet Day, dubbed by yours truly to get people thinking about getting a furry friend for their furry friend. Not only would you possibly be saving a life, there are actually quite a few benefits to having more than one pet. So, being the pet proponents we are, we compiled an easy-to-skim list of the pros of adding another pet.

  • Companionship. For both of you! Establishing a bond with another dog is just like meeting new people – you’ll realize each relationship is different and fulfilling in its own way (and maybe something you didn’t even realize your life needed!) Best of all, while you can’t always be around to entertain your pet and keep them company, another pet will be. Imagine how nice it would be to know your pet isn’t home alone and bored next time you’re presented with the opportunity for overtime.
  • Socialization. This is another benefit for both of you, as getting your pet a friend immediately makes them more sociable while adding the potential for you to meet new people for a variety of reasons (a new breed brings different exercise and/or grooming requirements, etc.)
  • Allergens. Having more than one pet introduces different fur types and levels of dander, making for a stronger immune system in children.
  • Improved Development. Households with more than one child should consider more than one pet. We already know how well pets benefit children, so instead of having them compete for one pet’s attention, maybe the family could use another pal. Not to mention a new pet could bond with one of the kids in a totally different way, making childhood so much better.

Of course bringing a new pal into the household shouldn’t be taken lightly, as animals have distinct personalities and characteristics that make them good or bad candidates for a furry friendship. We always advise a meet-and-greet before bringing anyone home. It’s expected to have some hiccups as everyone gets used to the newcomer, but some personalities truly do better as only pets (and it’s up to you to make that call.)

If your pet has pal (or gets one this month), we’d love to see! Go ahead and post a pic on our page – we always share our favs!

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