August 1, 2016

Homeless Pals and You: What You Can Do

August is Adopt a Homeless Pet Month, clearly intended to bring awareness to all the pals out there looking for their forever homes. It’s a sad truth that all over the country there are pets in and out of shelters with no humans to feed and care for them daily, and it can be an overwhelming thought when it comes to helping them. The truth is, every effort matters and we absolutely adore any person who puts a foot forward to help the buddies in their community – and you can too! Below are a few of our favorite ways to help homeless pets.

  • Adopt. That’s the name of the game with this awareness holiday. Of course this is a more serious approach to the cause, but adopting any animal is an amazing way to help the homeless pet community – and your life! Adoption is so rewarding – not only are you saving your new pal’s life, but you just made room for a pet who needs the shelter’s care.
  • Donate. Food, litter, bleach, paper towels, regular towels, blankets, beds… There are so many things shelters need daily that any number of these products would be gladly accepted. You can always call your favorite facility and see if there’s anything they really need, but donating anything useful is always a welcomed gesture.
  • Prevent Litters. Spaying and neutering your animal is one of the most direct and responsible ways to ensure the number of unwanted pals doesn’t grow. It may seem like the routine thing to do, but it does make a difference.
  • Volunteer. Throughout the month of August or all year ‘round, volunteering is such a heartening way to spend your time. Whether you walk the dogs, clean kennels or litter boxes, or even assist with adoptions, it’s the volunteers that are the real heroes to these pals.

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