August 1, 2016

Going Back To School is Better with Pets

Is it that time already?

It sure is!

 By now, both the parents and the kids are probably ready to get back into the swing of things and bring back that school routine. Families are running through the checklist of school supplies, preparing the grocery list to pack school lunches and maybe even buying a few new outfits. One thing that is not generally on back to school lists, but should be, is a classroom pet!

With benefits like increased self-esteem, decreased in-class tension and a better understanding of responsibility, classroom pets are a wonderful resource for teachers to make learning fun in all subjects! Questions like “how much does this hamster weigh,” “what does this snake eat” or “what part of the world do ferrets come from” are all great ways to incorporate new styles of learning into every lesson plan. Even reading to classroom pets can be a great way for children to practice in front of a non-threatening listener and gain confidence in their skills.

Pets in the Classroom is a grant-funding program, which provides financial support to teachers, who often have a very limited budget, to purchase and maintain small animals in the classroom.

To find out if a class you know of is ready for a classroom pet, or to hear from other teachers about how pets in their classrooms have positively impacted their educational environment, click here.


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