July 27, 2016

We Love Mutts!



July 31st is National Mutt Day, a shout out to the mixed breeds that keep us smiling (and guessing!) We love this ‘holiday,’ because it reminds people that a dog doesn’t have to be purebred to bring pure joy. Big dogs, little dogs, wiry, short, curly, or straight hair, active or lazy – whatever you want in a pal, we guarantee there’s a perfect mixed breed waiting at your local shelter or rescue. The fact mutts come in essentially any combination of looks and personality is just the tip of the iceberg though, friends. Here are a few more fun facts about the pups that mix it up.

  • Mutts tend to be healthier. Studies from both North America and Europe have found that mixed breeds are less susceptible to certain health issues than their purebred counterparts and have longer life spans, too.
  • They’re Not-for-Profit Pets. By adopting a mutt, you don’t run the risk of supporting irresponsible breeders that look to make fast money with no regard to the breed’s health or integrity. (Please note: Certainly not all breeders are irresponsible, but it can be tricky to tell at times.)
  • Mutts Save Money. Not just potentially on vet bills, but their adoption cost is much lower than purchasing a pure breed. (Seriously, they can save you thousands.)
  • Mutts Lie somewhere in the Middle. Meaning you don’t run into as many extremes in temperament as you do with pure breeds; in fact, mixed breeds tend to rank higher in regard to stability, friendliness, protectiveness, shyness, and aggression because they’re an even-keeled mixture of personalities.
  • They’re One of a Kind! If you like your things to be original, there’s nothing more unique than a mixed breed. There’s no way your neighbor will also happen to have a chow/corgi/shepherd mix with four different colored paws.

Show us your mutts! Post a picture of your amazing mixed breed to our Facebook page!

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