May 4, 2016

National Pet Week: Let’s Celebrate!

May 1-7 marks National Pet Week and we want you to take the week to celebrate your pet the responsible way. Here’s one thing a day you can do this week to help ensure your pal’s completely taken care of – like they should be!

Sunday – Check your pet’s I.D. to make sure it’s up to date, legible, and secure. If they don’t have identification, now’s the time to get it. It’s also a good time to check if you need to renew any fees there may be for micro-chipping service.

Monday – Take the time to really give your pet a good rub down, not only will they love it but it’s a good time for you to note anything new or abnormal (think: lumps, dry patches, or sensitive spots) and make a vow to monitor whatever it may be.

Tuesday – Give your pal a nice bath, trim their nails, and check their teeth – it’s not just to keep them looking their best, these things all contribute to their overall health.

Wednesday – Check their diet. Be honest, is your pet overweight? It’s so easy to overfeed those sweet faces that we love so much, but it’s so important to keep their weight in check. Today’s the day to commit: if your pet needs to lose some lbs, scale their usual feeding back about ¼ cup and/or cease treating for awhile.

Thursday – Consider today Thirst-day: check your pet’s water, make sure their dish or water bottle is nice and clean and the water is fresh and accessible.

Friday – Buy your pal a special, healthy new treat – or make your own at home!

Saturday – Play day! Take today to do whatever your pet likes, whether it’s hike, chase string, cruise the house in their plastic ball, or just relax together.

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