March 7, 2016

Who Needs Shamrocks When We’ve Got Pets?!

When March rolls around, we can’t help but think of St. Patrick’s Day and the good ol’ luck o’ the Irish. While the Irish may have luck on their side, we find there are few things that make us feel more fortunate than the companionship of a pet. There’s something about bonding so closely without verbal communication that makes us feel like the luckiest humans in the world. Whether it’s your dog’s excitement when you walk through the door, your cat nuzzling up to you after a long day, or your guinea pig greeting you through the cage, make no mistake about it: you are so lucky to be loved by your pet. A few ways you can make your pet feel lucky to be loved by you are by taking time to bond specifically with them, whether it’s through a walk, cuddle session, or treats. Greet your pet enthusiastically and make them feel like they’re the most special thing in your life (because they are.) And make sure their living space is clean – be it a crate, cage, or litter box – your pet deserves the comfort of a clean and odor-free environment.

This St. Patrick’s Day, we hope you take a little time away from the parades and Irish jigs to show your pet how lucky you both are to have one another. Have a happy holiday!

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