February 12, 2016

Who Needs a Human? Your Pet is the Only Valentine you Need!

Around this time of year, we can’t help but notice how many people focus their energy on the idea of love between two people – which isn’t a bad thing – but we know where to find the true love of your life, and they’re probably within arms’ reach right now…

YOUR PET! (C’mon, you knew we were going there.)

But really, the unconditional love of a pet comes second-to-none when considering fulfillment in a relationship. Will your boyfriend or girlfriend lick your plate clean before it goes into the dishwasher? It’s possible, but it wouldn’t be nearly as cute. They probably don’t warm your feet at bedtime, either. And what about all the times you just want a little silence, but also some companionship at the same time? Plus, do you really want to brave the restaurants on Valentine’s Day? We say throw a little something special in your pet’s bowl and enjoy the soup du jour in the comfort of your own home.

Here at the Pets Add Life headquarters, February 14 is just another day – because we show our appreciation to the four-legged loves of our lives every day. You do too? Show us! Feel free to share pictures with our pet-loving Facebook community!

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