November 22, 2015

Thankful For Our Pets

3dde6145f8b18aae656238d69e64a970The spirit of Thanksgiving is all about taking time out of our busy schedules and hectic lives to get together with loved ones and give ‘thanks’ for the many things in our lives that we’re appreciative of. There are many things we are thankful for this holiday, including all of our wonderful Pets Add Life supporters, all of the animal shelters and volunteers across this country working for animal welfare, and families everywhere opening their homes to pets in need. However, this post is actually dedicated to thanking those lovely little creatures themselves, who never judge us, and are always there when we need them most…. our pets!


Dear pets,

Thank you for giving us:

  1. Constant emotional support

When we’re just having one of those days and you need someone to lend a listening ear, who better than you? You provide us emotional support through all the struggles of everyday life and never hesitate to give extra love and kisses.

  1. Life Lessons

You teach us to kick grass on the tough days and move on and remind us to relax and enjoy the sunshine. You make us smile every day, and show us what matters most.

  1. Motivation to Exercise

What better workout buddy is there than your little bundle of energy? You are full of infectious energy that motivates us to get off our phones and computers and get up and do something.

  1. Daily Laughs

From the clumsy puppy to the sassy cat, each one of our pals has a unique way of making us laugh, even when it’s the last thing we want to do.

  1. Love

Most importantly we are thankful for the love and friendship we receive from you all. How lucky are we to have companions who will provide us with unconditional love and support through thick and thin?

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