November 17, 2015

Happy National Black Cat Day!

UntitledNovember 17th is National Black Cat Day! Despite their history of being cast as villains and tied to superstitious folklore, the reality is nothing about these animals makes them any less playful or loving than any other feline friend. One thing that does distinguish black cats from other breeds is their adoption rate. They are among some of the least adopted pets in the world, spending a majority of their lives without a home. So what can we do about this issue? Adopt!

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adopting a black cat:

  • In other cultures, black cats are actually good luck.

Culture has a huge affect on how black cats are perceived. In places like Scotland, Britain and Japan, black cats represent a symbol of good luck or fortune, so why can’t they everywhere?

  • Worried about cat fur on your clothing? Not with a black cat!

Ditch the lint roller and have fun playing with your black cat before work or even a night out. Black cat fur doesn’t show as much as white fur on your dark clothing or furniture. And if it does, it will go with everything!

  • Need a cuddle buddy? Then a black cat is the cat for you!

With black cats being among some of the least adopted pets, these animals are craving YOUR attention! Get ready to snuggle when you bring one home.

  • Black is the definitely the new orange!

What better accessory for you and your home than these chic felines? Black never goes out of style and it matches with everything. Same goes for black cats. They’re timely.

  • They need our help!

Black cats are adopted at a much lower rate than other cats. Let’s put a “paws” on these out of date superstitions and change the statistics.

Help Pets Add Life stop the discrimination of black cats. Celebrate National Black Cat Day by taking a trip down to your local shelter and adopting one today!

Also, we love to see your cute cats! Share photos of your black cats on our Facebook page.

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