October 5, 2015

Pet Trends in Crowd Funding

It’s no secret that pet parents love their pets and because of that love, new products for our furry friends are popping up every day. From fun and creative brain games, to smart and simple pooper scoopers and tech gadgets that just make life easier, pet-lovers are designing products for our pets and they’re turning to the pet community to help get those products on shelves and into your hands.

Crowd funding is no new concept and the pet industry has picked up on its success. Asking people who already love their pets to invest in pet products that are fun, interactive and might just make the pet-parent job easier is a win-win situation. Pet-product companies can engage early customers and collect feedback on the product before it even goes to market.

Here are just some of the many pet products currently trending on top Crowd Funding sites right now, but you can check out their individual campaigns for more information on the products as well:


snzcmbzk6khcznngk6zdA brainteaser for dogs to enjoy while owners are away. This intriguing and tiring toy is sturdy enough for the smartest dog and complex enough to keep them interested. There are a number of pockets to hide treats and allow dogs to employ their problem-solving skills to get them free. If it becomes sticky, rinse it with ease.


Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.41.02 AMA revolutionary new pooper-scooper that allows owners to scoop poop, easily on any surface. Scoop one-handed, without bending over and without touching anything (even through a bag). Simply attach any bag (biodegradable is recommended) and with the special angled design, conveniently scoop multiple leavings from any angle, then pull down and toss the bag.


g5pz5pom3nomzbv9yasdA treat dispenser with a built in camera, which allows owners to engage with their pets remotely. It detects, records and shares moments with you when your pet is active. It also enables pets to send a “selfie” when they get in PetBot’s field of vision and dispenses a treat after.


galdayfcpkom5s7t7tplA smart collar that monitors a dog’s daily activity by tracking their whereabouts in real-time via GPS. It keeps dogs illuminated using LED lighting technology, monitors their health, and sends alerts and reminders as needed.
With crowd funding for pet products, just about anything is possible. What kind of pet products have you seen and loved on crowd funding websites? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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