May 16, 2015

7th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winners: Sophia 8th Grade

8th Grade Sophia Dutton

One Dog’s Journey
By: Sophia D.

Down in the kennel, a puppy discovers,
News that makes him separate from the others.
“He’s been here too long” he hears them say,
And he suddenly realizes, his life is at stake!
Not adopted, unloved, and rejected by many,
He thinks that perhaps he not worth a penny.
The barks of others do not reach his ears
As his eyes swim with unshed tears.
But the next morning he hears them say,
“A family is coming to see you today!”
His heart fills with longing for a true home,
Maybe this family will call him one of their own!
When the family sees him, they fill with joy,
The air resonates with sounds of “good boy!”
The times passes, he must go back through the door,
But he doesn’t want to leave, and sits on the floor.
The family realizes that he is the one.
The puppy is loyal, loving, and fun!
A week later, Dad’s car comes back around the bend.
That day, the puppy’s name goes from Billy to Ken.
He takes him home, that young little lab,
And Ken knows that he is no longer sad.
Ken is our dog our dog now, I love him each day,
And from adopting him there is something I must say:
Remember those homeless dogs and their plea.
They’re all alone and need you and me!
So next time you’re considering getting a dog,
Try visiting the shelter that’s just down the block.
Really, it’s your love and care that they seek,
For all dogs need a safe place to sleep.
So perhaps there’s a dog that you can rescue.
And honestly its one the best things you can do!

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