April 23, 2015

Kids and Pet Day Photo Contest!

This Sunday, April 26th, is the official Kids and Pets Day, although technically we know that’s everyday for a lot of you. This is one day a year to reflect on the joys and memories both your kids and your pets bring to your family, as well as take time to appreciate the relationship your kids have grown to have with their pets.

Pets help teach responsibility, encourage playtime and exercise, and they can even be the one thing that helps kids get through times of stress or sadness. The love, loyalty, comfort and happiness pets of all kinds provide to our families is something truly worth recognizing and sharing.

We’re inviting you over to our Pets Add Life Facebook page for a fun photo contest. Share with us a picture of your kids with their furry, feathery or scaly kids and we’ll announce a random winner on Monday, to receive a prize pack of fun pet products.

We can’t wait to see all the cuteness flood our feed! Facebook.com/petsaddlife

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