January 27, 2015

Keeping Pets Healthy in the New Year

Usually when the New Year rolls around, people focus on their health and well-being and, while the year might not feel so new anymore, we think it’s important to include pets in the resolution too! As a pet owner, you’re in charge of your pal’s health, which is a big responsibility, but it’s not so hard once you get the hang of it. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Diet – This is probably the main contributor to their health. Make sure to research the best diet for your pet type and do your best to consistently provide it. It’s also incredibly important to account for treating. If you like to treat your pal, that’s okay! You just have to make sure to make up for it at feedings; whether you feed them a quarter-cup less kibble or fewer pellets, be sure to skim a little off of their recommended feeding amount, as pet food companies can’t exactly predict owners’ treating habits.
  • Exercise – For dog owners, exercise can come in the form of walks, hikes, or even swims. For everyone else, though, it’s a little harder to throw a harness on their pet and take ‘em for a stroll (though we’d love to see it if your pal enjoys it.) For small animals, a wheel or ball is a great way to entertain them and keep them fit. For cats, play with them! Get them pouncing and jumping! Drag a feather or string across the floor or dangle a safe toy from the doorknob.
  • Grooming – While we recognize a full-blown pawdicure might be over the top (seriously, no judgment), keeping your pet’s coat, teeth, and nails in check do play a role in their overall health. Dental health is a major contributor – make sure your pet has things to chew on and/or treats specially formulated for dental health. Most animals require bathing of some type and can benefit from a good brushing. Lastly, make sure nails (or beaks) are trimmed properly, as long nails are not only uncomfortable but can lead to a break that requires serious medical attention.
  • Routine vet visits – While you should always be monitoring for abnormalities in your pet, be sure to keep up with routine vet visits. Not only are these necessary for vaccine boosters, they offer an opportunity to talk with a professional about something you (or they) may have noticed.
  • Pet massage – Just kidding! (Though it does exist and we have no doubts your pet would just love it!)

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