April 19, 2014

6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winners: Seth, 8th Grade

Note: In this series, we’ll spotlight each winner of the 6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest.

Pets Add Life Poetry Contest Winner

Seth and Otter

Seth and his dog, Otter, are two guys loving life in Wisconsin. Seth’s parents are both veterinarians, so caring for pets is second nature to this eighth grader. From Seth’s poem, it’s obvious that Otter is bounding with personality and love for their family. We’ve never met a Corgi we didn’t like and we just love that these two have each other to continue growing (and laughing) together.

By: Seth, of Seymour, WI

Little Otter is a corgi
He’s really quite unique
He enjoys it when you pet him
And licks you on the cheek

He’s got a friend named Sharkey
It is his fav’rite toy
He sees him, and seems to say
“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy”

He’s an odd little fellow
He sleeps belly up, legs to the sky
His great personality
Will have you laughing until you cry

He’s a good dog, a great friend
If you knew him, you’d be impressed
He loves me and I love him
Otter is just simply the best

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