April 15, 2014

Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winners: Sophia, 4th Grade

Note: In this series, we’ll spotlight each winner of the 6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest.

Sophia and Theo

Sophia and Theo

Meet our 4th grade winner, Sophia! She wrote a wonderful poem about Morgan, her lovable dog. As part of her prize pack, her classroom will receive a $1,000 scholarship to spend on pet-related education, which is great news for her class pet, Theo – a rabbit who recently had an infection taken care of at the cost of a pretty hefty bill. We couldn’t be happier that Sophia’s win can help her class make sure he’s happier and healthier than ever.

I Love Them All
By: Sophia, of Orefield, PA

I was having a tough year,
Until she magically appeared.


Arriving as if she had heard my cries.
So kind, so gentle, just look into her eyes.

Friendly, loyal, trusting and fun,
the best part is,
our adventures have just begun.

Pets are what I’m talking about.
Cats, gerbils, hamsters and trout.

Guinea pigs, fish, tortoises too,
ferrets, lizards, birds, a wallaroo!

Turtles, snakes, horses, spiders,
frogs, toads, a sugar glider.

I love them all,
and if I had my way,
all these pets would be mine today!

But for now as you can see,
Morgan is the pet for me.

Stay tuned to meet the rest of winners. We’ll feature one every day this week.

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