April 14, 2014

Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winners: Chaz, 3rd Grade

Note: In this series, we’ll spotlight each winner of the 6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest.

We’ve finally wrapped up the 6th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest and, once again, we’re absolutely floored by the creativity and compassion portrayed throughout all the entries. From dogs and cats to bearded dragons and guinea pigs, it’s obvious that pets really do add life, especially for children.

Narrowing down hundreds of extraordinary entries to just six winners wasn’t easy, but together with our judges’ panel of teachers, we were able to get it done. Our winners are incredible kids and their parents’ enthusiasm and support of their accomplishment is just amazing – a huge, heartfelt thank you to them and everyone who participated.

So, without further ado, meet the first of our six winners, 3rd grader Chaz and his cat Purrcy…

Pets Add Life Children's Poetry Contest Winner

Chaz and Purrcy

Chaz received the news of his win just in time for his birthday! His precious kitten, Purrcy, is his right-hand man and, as you’ll read in his poem, his treasure.

My Treasure
By: Chaz, of Pine Grove, PA

One day I found a treasure,
it isn’t silver or gold.
He’s orange and white and very soft,
a kitten I could hold.
I found him underneath a tree,
a tiny ball of fur.
When I bent down and picked him up,
he began to purr.
I took him home and bathed him,
then showed him to my mom.
We became a family
from that day on.
We love each other very much,
he’s a real treasure to me.
He is the best friend I could have,
my kitten named “Purrcy.”

Stay tuned to meet the rest of winners. We’ll feature one every day this week.

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