October 8, 2013

Pets Add Life Shelter Showdown Winners!

Pets Add Life Shelter Showdown

Votes have been tallied and the results of the Pets Add Life Shelter Showdown are in! After more than 182,000 votes for 1,905 different shelters, we are pleased to announce our 3 winners. Drum roll please…

First Place | Prize: $10,000 Event Donation + $5,000 Cash Donation:
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. in St. Pauls, NC

Second Place | Prize: $5,000 Cash Donation:
Golden Paws Society, Inc. in Huntington, NY

Third Place | Prize: $5,000 Cash Donation:
CATS Cradle Shelter, Inc. in Fargo, ND

Thank you to every voter who took the time to cast their vote for their favorite shelter. Every vote was a vote for a pet in need of a home. We’d also like to thank our pals at PetFinder for all their help during the contest. We’re very proud to announce that over the duration of the Shelter Showdown more than 100 shelters joined Petfinder. The ultimate goal of the Shelter Showdown is to save pets, and the outpouring of support for this contest is inspiring. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for future contests and more great examples of why Pets really do Add Life!

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