April 26, 2013

PAL Celebrates National Kids and Pets Day and 2013 Poetry Contest Winners

Today we celebrate National Kids and Pets Day, dedicated to showing the world the positive impacts that a pet can have on a child’s life. Not only do pets show children a sense of companionship, they also teach children compassion and responsibility.

In honor of National Kids and Pets Day, we are pleased to announce the winners of our 5th Annual Children’s Poetry Contest, open to 3rd-8th graders across the nation. We were thrilled to receive more than 1,600 poems this year, and see so many children express how much happiness their pets of all types bring to their lives!

Without further ado… congratulations to this year’s winners: third grader Sophie from Minneapolis, Minnesota; fourth grader Fuka from Watervliet, New York; fifth grader Ryan from Hutchinson, Kansas; sixth grader Giana from New Lenox, Illinois; seventh grader Paris from Palm Harbor, Florida; and eighth grader Alexis from Davidsville, Pennsylvania.

Third Grade Winner


Dasher, by Sophie of Minneapolis, MN

Wrapping paper

And lights on the tree.

The best Christmas present?


Softly purring between boxes,

Under Mom and Dad’s bed?


Black tail like a grandfather clock

Swinging from the back of the couch?


Climbing up the ladder

To my brother’s top bunk?


Crunching at his food bowl

Slurping while he drinks?


Bright white whiskers

Above golden yellow eyes?


My first pet

My non-human friend

Conversations with no talking?

Dasher. Definitely.


Fourth Grade Winner


Cody, By Fuku of Watervliet, NY

From the moment we got you

I totally fell in love

With a smile that melts my heart

You are cuter than a polar bear club

You have puppy-dog eyes

You have soft little ears

And giant memories

I’ll remember for years

Memories filled with tears

Happiness and more

Those memories I remember

Had never tore

From bad times to good times

You are always on my side

You never give up

You always have your pride

I love dogs

But you are my first ever

I only have one wish

To keep you forever


Fifth Grade Winner


Oreo, by Ryan of Hutchinson, KS

My goat named Oreo stands there with a grin

Her body is white from her hooves to her chin

Her ears are a creamy black and beautiful

She says she wishes she was more colorful

I think she is just fine

I love her and she is mine!

Even though she head-butts sometimes

She will always have a peaceful baaa that sounds like chimes

I hope she never crosses the line

I love her and she is mine!

That’s my goat, Oreo


Sixth Grade Winner

Cute and Cuddlie, by Giana of New Lenox, IL

There is nothing like a pet

To fill your heart with love,

Like my goldendoodle Doogie

Who was sent from up above.

He’s funny, smart and cute

He’ll run with you all day,

And when I’m feeling down

On my bed he’ll lay.

He listens when I speak

He doesn’t make a sound,

He comforts me so much

By just being around.

He teaches me to care

Be responsible and kind,

And a truer loyal friend

I think I’ll never find.


Seventh Grade Winner


A Pet is A…, by Paris of Palm Harbor, FL

A pet is not just “some animal”

A pet is a friend

A loyal, fun-loving, carefree friend

A friend who loves you.

A pet is a friend who won’t judge you,

Harm you in any way,

And a friend who will not taunt you.

A pet is a friend who may not talk

But they always listen

A friend who is quiet

But will do their best to understand.

A pet is a friend who is taken for granted

But also a friend in which we share an eternal bond

A friend who has a home in our hearts.

A pet is a friend who we love

And a pet who loves us back.


Eighth Grade Winner


Sunny, by Alexis of Davidsville,PA

He is my horse,

Palomino coat with a soft pink nose.

His whiskers tickle, When out of his nose he blows.

He is my escape

From bullies near and far

And as I claim to my father,

With him I’ll need no car.

He is my friend

When no one is around

He comforts me

With any mere sound

He is my globe.

On his back, I see the world.

I see myself, inside.

His mane flying, my curls unfurled.

He helps me see

That there is more than me

When on his back, I feel so small.

And, to be honest, he helps me be.

He runs through the wind,

A thundering force

That shines like the sun,

Because he is my horse.


Congratulations again to all our winners, and we would also like to say thank you to all those who participated in this year’s contest. We are already looking forward to next year’s contest and reading about how much children love their pets and the joys they bring to their lives, whether they be furry, winged, feathered or scaly!

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